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150 Newhall Street, The Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham B3 1RY

The Jewellery Quarterbirmingham pub quiz

Join us every Tuesday between 8pm and 9:30pm

for what is said to be the best pub quiz in Birmingham.

 “Quiz at The Queens”


Its just £2 per player to enter with no limit on the size of teams, so get a group together and test your wits against the best! But get in early because it usually gets very busy.

With food served til 9pm you have time to grab a bite to eat while you wait for the quiz to start.

Whether you’re a seasoned quiz-goer, or just playing along for fun, the Quiz at The Queens is a great, fun way to spend a Tuesday evening.

1st prize £30

2nd prize £20

Random prize £10

The quiz does of course depend on having a number teams ready to take part - if fewer that 5 teams turn up then regrettably the quiz cannot go ahead - although this hasn’t happened for a long time,you will understand that this is beyond our control.


Quiz at The Queens

The weekly prime-time reality pub quiz show for Sky 1 chose Birmingham’s Queens Arms pub as the perfect example of a great pub quiz.

“Quiz Nights” was a series for Sky One that showcased the Great British quiz night in all its brilliant, quirky glory. Each week saw four different teams in four pubs across the country playing the same quiz at the same time. A quiz show and an observational documentary rolled into one it was neatly described as “Gogglebox meets the pub quiz!”.

The series aired on Friday nights in the spring of 2015, repeated on Sky 2 in the summer.

The producers of the new show scoured the country to find the best pub quizzes and unsurprisingly The Queens Arms was chosen as amongst the very best. Its already described as “the best pub quiz in Birmingham” and the TV experts agreed.

It was a major series for Sky One, bringing real pub quizzes into people’s living rooms and allowing them to join in the discussions, debates and probable arguments enjoyed by real life quiz teams.

Sky 1 filmed three episodes at The Queens Arms in September and October, joined by simultaneous televised quizzes with three other pubs around the country.

The regular Quiz At The Queens takes place on Tuesdays from 8pm - details through The Queens Arms Twitter feed.



Contact the quizmaster:

quiz at the queens
the quiz takes place every Tuesday from 8pm